An open letter to America

Dear America,
Firstly let me just say I’m not jumping on any anti US bandwagon and judging the many by the actions of a few. I like America. I’ve been there twice and met some amazing people. I’ve met Americans outside of their own country and liked them a lot as well. On the whole, I think you’re okay. I’m just very concerned. You see the rest of us are watching these election campaigns with a great deal of interest and a massive amount of worry. We’ve all seen what happens when a country in turmoil and economic desperation turn to a charismatic leader who seems to have answers. Firstly they never directly answer a question, they tell you how great things will be after they are in power, they point to a group and demonise them and say “this is the problem. These people. What we need to do is control them, restrict their movement, keep them out, they are causing the problems so for now let’s get rid of that hassle and THEN we can sort out everything else. We can’t get anything done while they are still distracting us.” They don’t say what the solution is but they have a great one. They don’t respond to criticism, they point out the faults of others, until even sensible people think, maybe this person is right. Maybe if we can get a grip on ‘that’ group and ‘these’ people then we can start fixing things. Who wouldn’t want that? It short term, we control their movements and maybe stop them meeting in groups, that would mean where they worship as well, just in case. In fact maybe we should make sure we know exactly who they all are, maybe a mark in their passport, a special kind of ID, a badge? 

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. Evil starts by treating people as things. Because first they came for that group and I did nothing because I’m not part of that group… Well, you know how that quote goes. Letting evil happen and doing nothing and justifying it for the greater good is evil by any other name. It doesn’t take bravery to stand by and be a ‘good citizen’, it takes bravery to stand up and say ‘No. You cannot do this and you don’t do it in my name you do it for your own selfish, power hungry ways’

So American, home of the brave, we are all watching.


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