Elizabeth Mary Grant parked her car in the underground garage and took the lift the lift to the third floor. When her sister first got sick she didn’t need much help but now she could barely make it out of bed. Lizzie used her spare key to open the front door and set down the bags on the kitchen counter. “Helen, I managed to find that horrible Chinese soup you like, I’ll warm it through and bring you some… You Okay?”

There was no reply but Helen slept so much just lately that Lizzie thought nothing of it. She was humming an old ABBA song to herself when she turned and saw Helen standing behind her. “Hey, are you okay?” LIzzie took a step forward but Helen brought up her finger to her mouth. She pointed to the bedroom and then walked away into the bathroom. It was the smallest noise, no one would have even heard it.

When the soup was warm enough Lizzie poured some into a bowl with some crackers. Helen didn’t have much appetite anymore. She was already in mid sentence when she walked into the room. “I’m not sure if you want to but Harry and me were thinking about a drive out at the weekend, we thought we could…” The words dried in her mouth. There was what looked like a child standing next to Helen’s bed. The child was weeping and screaming but all of it silent as though behind glass. It turned to its left and was gone like smoke or a shadow.

Lizzie put the tray down on the counterpane and grabbed Helen’s hand. “Helen! Helen?”

Helen opened her eyes, they were blank and unfocused. “Hello Liz. I was just dreaming about you. Do you remember when we went camping with Dad on The Isle Of Man? I seem to keep dreaming of the , all the things from so long ago. Do you remember when we were in York? That little boy that ran out into the street and the car in front of us hit him? I think I keep seeing him. I’m very cold Liz. Would you mind getting the other duvet from the blanket box?” She smiled and turned over almost already deep asleep.

Liz walked out into the hallway and remembered she had left the tray on Helen’s bed. Not wanting her to spill anything she walked back and moved the tray to the nightstand. She called Dr. Garland who came within the hour. “Helen’s sick, i was wondering… I mean is it time to…” She couldn’t finish the though, not even the sentence. Dr. Garland stroked her arm “Shall I have a chat with her, then we can make a plan?”

The kettle was near to boiling, it barely seemed off just recently. Liz took two mugs from the top cupboard, when Dr. Garland came to the doorway. “Lizzie, why didn’t you tell me? I’m sorry, I mean I know it must have been a shock but Helen is… She’s cold. She must have been dead for at least five hours or so.”

Lizzie just stares at him. Behind him Helen is standing in the corridor. She has two children by the hand and many more are just watching her. “He doesn’t need to know. They were lost. Now I can take them home.”

The tears that fall from Lizzie’s eyes are not just sadness but in some way joy. Helen is right. There are somethings that Men should not know.


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