Sunday Morning.

I’m so warm I don’t want to move but my bladder is bursting. I get up as quietly as I can and feel my way down the corridor. I don’t put the lights on. As I climb back into bed Taylor mutters. “Like bloody ice.” He rolls over and half hugs, half pulls me against his chest. I almost lean over to check I set the alarm on my mobile when I remember tomorrow is Sunday. I don’t remember falling asleep. Does anyone?

My eyes start to open and I really hope it still isn’t the middle of the night when Bungle the mongrel jumps on the end of the bed. He stares at me with his big brown eyes until I pat the duvet next to me. He settles down and starts snoring. I pick up my mobile it’s just a little after 10am, I’m halfway through reading a text from our friends Simon and Max when the front door clicks and it must be Taylor or Bungle would be going crazy. After a few moment I hear Danse Macabre start to play very quietly. I love that piece of music. Bungle obviously smelled bacon cooking before I did as he leaps off the bed and runs downstairs. Moments later Taylor walks in wearing his ‘Summer Slob out’ gear. Black knee length shorts and a faded old grey tshirt he has had for about six years.He is carrying a tray with plates of bacon sandwiches, mugs of coffee and a couple of newspapers. “Oh! You’re awake. I was being really quiet.” I just laugh. Taylor knows how little I sleep so always tries to let me sleep as much as I can. “I slept really well. Here give me that.” I take the tray and he kicks off his trainers and strips off. He just lies on top of the duvet. It’s already warm, It’s been a really hot Summer.

When we finish breakfast and pretend to read all of the newspapers, he rolls over and kisses me on the mouth. “You need to shave mate! So… I got a text from Rachael and Chris asking us to lunch, a text from Roxie that didn’t make any sense, sent at 3am and a text from your Dad asking if you would help him with his printer.”

I sarcastically tap my finger to my lips humming. “Hmm… Let’s see. I love your sister but Chris is like a never ending rainy bank holiday. Roxie is our age and has just started going out with a 24 year old and was probably asking for an ambulance and why does my Dad always text you to ask me things?” He laughs and flexes his biceps. “Because I’m the handsome one?”

I hand him my phone and lie down on his chest. He starts to read through my texts. “Harriet thinks she might be pregnant?”

“No the one from Simon!”

He tousles my hair. “You amaze me. I know all your passwords, you just hand me your phone, your Dad has a spare room set aside for us and rings me once a week, to chat to me,! My parents have never even mentioned you once on the three occasions in the last seven years I have spoken to them.”

I lean back my head and kiss him. “I love you idiot! Simon is having a barbeque. Everyone is going but we can lunch with your sister.”

“Sod that! When does it start?”

“He said people will be arriving at 12 but it’s going to be an all day thing. He emphatically said do not bring food. Max went insane yesterday and bought enough meat, salad and general kit to feed the five thousand.”

He smiles that wicked smile of his. “Well I walked Bungle, he is now eating a bowl of something foul, I’m not hungry, thirsty or tired. What can we do for two hours?”


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