I can’t believe I slept through my alarm. I had a meeting with one our biggest clients. I was brushing my teeth when I noticed the scratch on my cheek. I must have been scratching my face in my sleep and cut the skin with my nails.

I wake up lying on the floor in the hallway. I grab my mobile out of my pocket but it dead. I walk into the living room and pick up the phone but there is no ring tone. I flick the tv on but nothing happens. I feel sick to my stomach. I have no idea how long I have been asleep for. Then I remember the woman in flat D is a nurse. I knock on her door. I can’t remember if her  name is Gardener or Granger. As I knock again the door opens slightly. I don’t want to scare her or seem rude, so I open the door slowly, calling out my name. In the kitchen there are broken plates and smashed glass and there is blood everywhere.

I slam my front door behind me and try to control my breathing. The side of my face hurts so I go into the bathroom. The scratch, cut on my face looks red and infected. I raise my hand to touch it and it bursts. Thick black blood sprays out onto the mirror. I grab my keys and run down the stairs to the car park underneath the building. I put my key in the ignition but nothing happens, I try a few more times before I realise the battery must be flat.

I walk up the ramp to get to the street and there are hundreds, thousands of people walking away into the distance.

Stewart from the Deli walks past me. I grab his arm. “What going on? Where are you all going?” It’s only when he turns to look at me do I see the wound on his forehead. “I used to know you.” He says. “We are all dead. Didn’t you know?”

I drop my keys, then realise I was never holding them. I put my hand to my face, there is no cut. Stewart reaches out his hand, I take it and we start to walk off with the others.


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