Shu Zwei ran back into his hotel room. He grabbed the manuscript and shoved it into his rucksack. He managed to get almost thirteen miles before Alden shot him in the back.

Stephan knocked on Christine’s door. “Sorry Ma’am, I know you didn’t want to be disturbed. Zwei was killed last night. We think Alden has the book. How do you want you want us to go forward?”

Christine rubs ger hand over her face. “Protocol two.” Stephan pauses for a moment. “Ma’am. I… I mean are you sure?”

She throws her Montblanc pen onto her desk. “Did I stutter Captain? Was I I in any way unclear? I want the manuscript, kill anyone in the way. I am issuing a K notice against Alden.”

Two years later Harris is in a hotel in Budapest, they fought briefly but Harris managed to break Alden’s neck. He has searched the room from top to bottom but cannot find the book. He hates to do this, it feels like everytime he loses a little bit more of himself. He takes the Athame and make a tiny cut across his palm. He tightens his fist and throws the blood against the nearest wall. It stings a little but he is used to worst, there is a small child standing beside him. “Hello man.” It says.

Harris turns and smiles. “Hello. There was a man here. He had a book. Something not meant for people. Do you… do you have any idea where it is?”

“You’re right. It wasn’t meant for man. It is too much. When you started trying to use Magic to win your war you made a hole in the world. I never had the chance to want anything, to love or envy or desire. I never harmed or hurt anyone. But I am not that child anymore and for far too long you and your kind have been interfering in something never meant for you. The Grimoire contains a power that no one should have.And I end you.”

Harris fell backwards. He had had a massive heart attack.

Christine reached out to pick up her glass of water as it exploded, sending fragment of glass into her face. She bled to death long before the ambulance arrived

The Arcadis Grimoire was never found.


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