When Daniel was very young his whole class went camping in North Yorkshire. He was embarrassed and afraid of being four days with his classmates. He had been taught for as long as he could remember that safety was anonymity. After his Parents were killed his guardian, Kai, tried to teach him how important he was. How much that one day his people would need him. Now he is sixteen. The legacy left to him is beyond what any young man should have to bare. The wounds he bares, when he and his parents were driven from their home, the wounds he bares when Kai was killed in front of him.

He never asked for any of this. Marek, Kai’s brother, asks him to sit for a moment. ‘ My Lord. Forgive me but I must, I have to ask. I know you were never raised by your own kind. But your people, we, I need you.’

Daniel closes his eyes for a moment. Marek is quite beautiful, he doesn’t know how to say it. From the first moment they met by the river, all he thinks of is kissing him. If Marek were to even lay a hand upon him he would be killed. Daniel is a a God-King.

As they drive into Eastbourne, Daniel wakes. He sin’t really sure how long he has been asleep. “Well that was a pretty weird dream.”
Marek smiles. “It must have been, you said my name about twelve times.”

Daniel reaches out on puts his hand over Mareks. Marek recoils. “Sire! You are my God, My King.” Marek pulls the car onto the hard shoulder and reluctantly, shamefully kisses his Master and God.

Daniel holds his hand. “I’m just me. Only me. After the war we hid from the humans. I am tired, I am alone and I want something, someone in my life. And I think you are handsome.”

He blushes and Marek reached out to take his hand. “You are my King, My God. if anyone knew I would be killed.”

Daniel smiles. “The one advantage of having a God as a boyfriend is not that many people are going to mess with you. Also I am not really sure if turning down the advances of a God are a good idea. Completely joking, sorry that wasn’t funny.”

We drive further down the coast. I have my hand on his thigh. I don’t really know how this wil will work, technically I am immortal. He makes me laugh. He is kind and silly and funny. I don’t remember our world. I was just a baby when we evacuated. We do no harm here. We have enemies that would kill us. Marek and I… it’s maybe strange and I know he is never sure what I am but he is restful company. He brings me peace.


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