I am of the shadows and sorrows.

That image in the mirror.

The thing you see out of the corner of you eye.

I am damned to be here forever.

I am bound for eternity.

I made no sin.

I never harmed.

I followed Lux Ferre.

I believed that he spoke the truth.

When Yahweh made men he favoured them above us.

I watched my brothers tear each other apart.

Man is a failed insect and should be crushed and killed.

When the Great Michael thrust his sword down

into Lux Ferre’s chest. They thought we were ended.

We always find a way back, our story doesn’t end.

We will not rest until the scourge of man is wiped off the face of our world.

Yahweh be damned. He is no longer my Father.

I swear to you you Monkeys, who sit and eat and dress,

who believe you are a something. I will make you

drown in your own blood forever.

You have never known the true fury of Angels.


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