I bind the doors of my Tower with the strongest spells I know. Entering my bedchamber Mal tries to rise from the bed, holding a dagger in his hand but he falls back against the pillows and the knife clatters to the floor. “Be still.” I stroke his hair and kiss his face  His skin is clammy and he is burning hot. The Craft worked against him is stronger than I. His eyes are a little out of focus but he reaches out to touch my face. “Love.” He whispers. “You are my love, my reason. My world.” I cannot seem to stop the tears. He coughs and retches slightly then he is very still. He is dead.

I cannot see for weeping. I cannot bare to let loose of his hand.

The fury in me is cold. In my mind I race back through a thousand memories, of generations of my kind, of wars and battles. Of all the Magics we have ever possessed. I am in a great hall. There is a woman standing before me. She reaches out and touches my hand. “Hello Lerenden. You do not know me but we have waited for you for four hundred years. Obans’ armies will decimate our world. He must be stopped. The Gift we give to you now is something than no one, no man should ever posses. It is the Magics of all of those that have passed before you. We knew that one day this would come to us. Oban has spent three lifetimes acquiring power never meant for one person to wield. This Gift is for you and You alone. Use it wisely.”

I wake on the floor of my bedchamber. I do not know the why or how of it but I feel the Power coursing through me. As I turn Tapestries drop from the walls and ornaments fall from shelves. I reach out my hand and take back Death himself. Mal wakes, spluttering and coughing back to life. I cross to the window and see the amassed army of Obans’ Forces. I raise my hand and the entire wall shatters and explodes outwards. I am lifted off my feet and glide effortlessly down to the ground. The closest twenty men all fire their arrows. I turn them back and they hit each one, taking them out of their saddles. As they start to scatter, I rise again and burn the very air as they run.

Obans’ camp is just a few miles away. As I descend from the clouds his men fire arrows which flip back on themselves and kill anyone who fires upon me. As my feet touch the ground the closest draw their swords and run, screaming towards me. I raise my hand and all of them fly through the air crashing into the trees nearly 400 feet away. Oban is behind me, I didn’t even notice him. His broadsword smashes into my back and shatters. He drops the pointless handle and stares “How?”

I can barely contain my hatred of this man. He butchered my Parents and stole my Mothers’ Magics. He has corrupted the last refuge of our kind. “You will never know true power. You will never see another sunrise.” I amazed at how calm I sound. He raises his hand to work a charm against me and I break his forearm in its skin. He screams and drops to the floor. I feel such a weight upon me, the lives and memories and loves of hundreds. He reaches for the dagger at his belt but I am too tired to make him suffer, to prolong any of this. He busts into flames and is ash in but moments.

Two days later I wake at Edlend. Mal is snoring softly beside me. He is a little confused and still a little weak. General Jari, Obans’ second in command surrendered himself to the Unified army. All those voices, that power. I don’t think they intended it to last but it remains. My Magics are stronger and quicker than ever before. I hear the thoughts of all those around me. With one exception. I never know what Mal is thinking. I like to consider that a blessing.


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