Damian Pryce and his friend Connor are walking back from a sunny afternoon of football in the park. They were born only 8 days apart and trying to decide what to do for their 16th Birthday. “I bet your Uncle would let us have a party at his house.”Connor says grinning. Damian laughs. “He’s pretty cool but not that cool. He’s a bit weird about having people at home.” A man steps out of the bus stop in front of them and asks for the time. Damian glances down at his wrist and realises he forgot to put his watch on that morning. He reaches into his jacket to grab his mobile when the man punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. When he comes to Connor is kneeling beside him. “Jesus I thought they were going to… They mugged us. They took everything!”

Connor grabs him by the forearm and yanks him to his feet. He feels slightly dizzy and his jaw is aching. Connor pulls down his sleeve and wipes a little blood from Damians cheek. “Okay?” Damians parents were murdered when he was 8 years old. He never talk about it but his Uncles has always been wary of Damian going anywhere alone. Connor sees a Policeman passing by the junction and runs to tell him what happened.

The next day Damians’ Uncle Sebastian brings him painkillers, tea and toast in bed. “No school today Mr. I spoke to Mr Oldfield and told him what happened. That is a pretty impressive black eye. You feeling okay? Sleep much?” Damian nods and smiles. “I’m okay honest.” His Uncle ruffles his hair and closes the door behind him as he leaves. Downstairs he takes out his mobile and calls an old friend.

A few hours later he is sat in the Old Library. He doesn’t have to wait long before two men sit down at his table. The older of the two nods his head. “We heard Sir. Investigations are taking place as we speak. How is he? Is there anything the Family can do?” Damians Uncle pauses for a moment. He had always wanted to keep Damian away from them, to protect him and let him have a normal life. Now he realises he no longer has a choice. “I renounce my claim and guardianship of him.” The two men glance at each other. “Sir? I am slightly confused. You told the Family to stay away and to not intervene in any way with his childhood.” Damians Uncle stiffens in his chair. “I thought I was speaking to a subject. I am not accustomed to explaining myself to hired help.” The two men bow their heads. “Forgive me your Highness. I meant no disrespect. We will make arrangements for the Prince to be moved to a safer location. ”

Damian rolls out of bed and grabs his jacket, it’s only when he puts his hand in the pocket that he remembers it was stolen just yesterday. He walks downstairs to use the landline when the front door opens. His Uncle and two strange men walk in. He is a bit embarrassed because he is only wearing his pants. “Uh sorry I was just going to call conner.” The two men kneel and both bow. “Your Majesty.” They say in near perfect union. Damian stares at his Uncle. “Are they mental?”

It has only been three days and Damian and his Uncle are now at a large Estate somewhere in the South of France. He doesn’t quite believe this is all real. He is meeting distant relatives he has never heard of, who all seem to have titles, he has servant who do whatever they are told, half of them speak a language that sounds like a mixture of French and German.

His cousin Mourin, who he has never even heard any mention of before, is now his mentor of this new world. Mourin tells him that they are the descendants of an ancient race of shape-shifters who can take the form of Wolves, called the Wolfkind. That there are very few of them left because they have been hunted to near extinction by a fanatical religious order funded by the Vatican. And that he is the the last Heir to the Broden Throne. The seat of Wolfkinder power since 102 BC.It’s too much. All of it is too much.

A few days later he is walking through the Palace gardens with Connor. He explains as best he can.  “Connor is pale. “So you are a werewolf, a king and a God? Anything else?” “Damian smiles. “Well my given name is Damed. Other than that, yeah pretty much everything else.”

They walk in silence for a few moments. Connor stops and breathes deeply. “So we can pretty much get drunk and get off with hot royal girls?”

Damian laughs and throws his arm over his friends shoulders. “We can pretty much do what we want mate,”

They walk off together, laughing towards the Palace.


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