I’ve been walking down the road for what seems like hours. It is very dark and the air is bitterly cold. After the crash I managed to undo my seatbelt and climb out the window. I must have hit my head because everything after that is a blur. I ran my hands over myself but couldn’t find any sign of injury or bleeding so I started walking. I was already lost after leaving the motorway and have no idea where I am. There is a woman up ahead standing on the verge. I run up, calling out to her. “Hello! Hello!” She turns to face me. She looks scared and cold. “Hey! Are you okay?” Her eyes looked glazed and stares past me, I wonder is she has a concussion. I don’t know any first aid but she is the first person I have seen in hours. I put my hand on her arm. “Hey. Are you okay?” She seems to focus a little and looks at me, almost as though she has only just noticed me. “I can’t find my daughter.” Her voice is little more than a whisper. “Okay. Were you in the accident?” She just stares at me blankly. “I was at home.”  She must have a concussion so I put my arm around her. “I’m going to walk down this road and try and find help. Do you want to come with me?”

We walk in silence for a little while, she doesn’t want to seem to talk but she is moving and I think that is a good sign. She reaches out and takes my hand. “My name is Celine.” I smile and squeeze her hand. “My name is Maggie.” She smiles vaguely then jumps as we here a mans voice calling out. “Hello! Hello!” He is little more than a kid, probably early teens, all skin and bone and floppy hair. “Hi. Sorry didn’t mean to… I’m lost, I don’t…” he looks like he is about to burst into tears. “Hi I’m Maggie. Are you okay?” He smiles shyly. “I’m Toby. I’m really lost. The lorry crashed into the back of our car and a started walking. There weren’t any like ambulances or anything so I thought I should go for help.” “Okay Toby. This is Celine. We are going to see if we can find help. Do you want to come with us?” He looks relieved and grateful. Celine is shaking with the cold and Toby takes a pair of gloves out of his pocket. I have to help her put them on. I smile at him and he blushes.We walk in silence for a little while until something so obvious occurs to me. “Toby, who else was in the car with you?” He opens his mouth to reply and then pauses. “No one.” He seems to be so unsure, as though he can’t understand the question, or maybe doesn’t believe what he is saying. “Toby, how old are you?” “15. I’m just tall for my age.” I stop walking. “So you can’t drive?” I turn to ask Celine what she remembers but there is no one there. “Where did she go?” Toby glances along the road. “Who?” I try to control my rising panic. “Celine, he middle aged woman. She has been with us for the last hour! You gave her your gloves!”

Toby reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pair of gloves from his pocket. “You’re the only person I met since the accident.”

Slowly at first but building in speed, flickering images start to loop through my mind. David is driving. He is making terrible jokes about my Mothers cooking and hopes that my Dad is making the Christmas dinner this year. Even though I feel a little guilty, she is a terrible cook, I laugh. I didn’t even see it. I was looking at David. Suddenly there is a horrible sensation of being thrown into the air and our car lands on it’s roof. There are more crashes and bangs and a distant explosion and then screaming and crying. Through the shattered windscreen I see cars twisted about each other and then darkness descends.

Toby has tears on his cheeks. “I’m scared.” He is little more than a boy. “I know. Me too.” I take his hand and we walk down the long dark road.


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