Late December and as the sky darkens. Jade and her husband Patrick are driving over night to spend Christmas with his parents. She dozes fitfully on the back seat of the car.She wakes for a moment and hears Patrick humming along to Carols on the radio. Jade stretches out her leg and back, cramped by sleeping in the same position for too long. “Hey sleepy. I thought you were out for count.” Patrick smiles back at her and starts to pull over into the motorway services. “I need to pee and I am pretty hungry. You okay?” Jade yawns loudly. “I could do with stretching my legs and a bucket of coffee.”

As Patrick fills the car at the forecourt, Jade orders two plates of Bangers and Mash and two coffees. He sits down opposite her and sips at his coffee. “I was thinking of asking Emile and Yvonne over for New Year. Good idea? Bad Idea?”  Jade barely opens her mouth when the first shot rings out. The waitress at the next table folds in half and hits the floor. She barely has time to speak when the second shot takes off half of Patrick’s face and he collapses on the table. jade cannot move. The two men in balaclavas are shooting into the restaurant, targeting anyone they see.

She takes her knife from the table an slides out and down onto the floor. She is too scared to think. One of the men passes by her. heading towards the kitchen. She rises behind him and stabs him in the throat. The second man is staring at her in utter shock. She runs at him and punches the knife through ribs. His hands spasm and he shoots her in the face. Lying on that dirt floor, as fer blood and bones start to reassemble themselves, she wishes she had told Patrick who and what she was. As she drives off into the night, to who knows what future, her tears wash through the blood on her cheek. Her green eyed, mixed race face fades into a blonde, white women’s.  They will never stop hunting her. Tonight may have been a coincidence but she can never risk another human life again.


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