To the North of Drey at the very edge of the desert the two great armies of Generals’ Zan and Kaden meet in the most bloody and unbeknownst to them, their final battle.  230, 000 men die in the first hour of war. By the time both armies are decimated to the point that neither can afford to continue 3 million lie dead.

South-west of Drey, at his tower on the Braken coast, Kaden throws the report from his Field Marshall into the fire. He cannot remember the last time he slept or ate a meal. When he was forced to swear allegiance to the late King Olshtiel II, He vowed the Zan would die. He cannot think of a worse humiliation.

In Browder, Zan Is in conference with the First Minister of the Free Republic. “You assured us that you had a tactical advantage General Zan.” Zan pauses for a moment. He despises these beings. They are as beneath him as worms. “Kaden is a tactician, I imagine he guessed our moves before we made them.”

The Minister sneers. “You one more chance to prove you have any worth to us.” Zan closes his eyes. He is beyond tired and furious that he has been reduced to this. He waves his hand. “Air like Onyx, thicken, glisten!” The Minister grasps at his throat, wheezing and gasping. He suffocates before he ever has the chance to call out.

The Kings council burst into Kadens chambers. “You have failed.” Shouts Verdegen.”You were told, in no uncertain terms that failure was not an option!” Kaden loathes these creatures. “Lords, I promised nothing. I said that casualties would be inevitable.”  Talendon calls to the guards at the outer chamber. “Arrest him!” Kaden sighs. He made no oath to these things and feels nothing for them. He waves his hand. “Combostio, Inflam.” The four members of the council and the two guards burst into flames. As they lie screaming he walk out of the Tower and towards Browder.

The Moons are shining over Dorten Marsh as Zan and Kaden meet. “Are you as tired of this world as i?” says Zan as he sits down on the roots of a tree. Kaden pulls a small clay flask from his pocket, he takes a sip then passes it to Zan. “I’m very, very tired.” Zan smiles and takes a long drink from the flask. “I don’t suppose you have forgiven me?” Kaden can’t help but smile. “You broke my heart old friend. I loved you once. We left a perfect world to see what lay beyond and you decided to screw the first man you found. No I have not forgiven you but I am old and tired and want to leave this world. Neither one us will ever find peace without the other.” He takes back the flask and drinks again, passing it back to Zan. “We involved ourselves in too many squabbles and petty wars, because you hurt me and I hurt you. But I think I may have a solution, an ending to what would be an ongoing and pointless feud.”

Zan laughs. “And what would that be my old love?”

Kaden throws the empty flask to the ground. “Poison, my love.”


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