Deron Jai and I had been friends since we were 5 years old. Our Fathers’ both worked at the first ministry. Derons Father is  the Ambassador to Earth, mine is Vice Chancellor.  I suppose we had a more privileged upbringing than most but neither of of us had ever been to Earth. Most of my kind thought that Earth would be so exotic and wonderful but Deron’s Father tells me it is very like our own world and the people there are very much like us. When we finally graduated from the Academy we decided to have an adventure. To travel to Earth and meet real aliens. Deron wanted very much to travel through Africa but my Father warned me that civil war and the Sudanese plague would be easily transmissible to us both. We eventually decided on Canada.

Our parents were more than happy to pay for our travel. It is common for new graduates to travel so we arrived in St. Johns, Newfoundland on the 2nd of September 2341. Humans do indeed look just the same as us. Our taxi driver could have walked along the Streia Road and no one would have noticed. When we got to our hotel we were asked to surrender our passports, but as our families have some political sway we were allowed to keep them. There must have been a confusion or some accident because we have been booked into one room with two beds. I have never shared a room with anyone in my entire life. Though Deron is a dear and much loved friend, I do not want to listen to him sleep. The hotel can do nothing until the following night so we have no choice.

We have dine at a small but very nice restaurant. I do not eat flesh, I am a Dowdist, but Deronn tells me his steak is very good.

We drink a little too much wine and in such good humour we walk to a nearby bar.  It is loud and there are many drunk people. Some are quite friendly and once they realise we are Talii, they want to know all about our world and what it’s like. It is now 4am and Deron is very drunk. I am tired and want to lie down but he doesn’t want to seem to leave. Eventually at almost 5 he asks me to take him home. I have to hold him upright to the cab and then to the hotel room. I have been speaking English all night so it is a relief to speak Tallishia. Deron is so drunk that I have to take off his shoes. I think that I might as well take off his trousers and shirt as well. As I touch his belt he grabs my hand and kisses me on the mouth.

“Do boab in she wai!”

“Stop with the Tallashia!” He is not quite as drunk as I thought. ” Kiss me .”

“Deron it’s me Grohoam. What are you doing?”

He looks deep into my eyes and smiles. and kisses my mouth.

“I know who you are and I know that I would love to spend the night with you, even just once.”

It is just after 2 in the afternoon. Deron is next to me and his arm is lying over my chest. It is a mix of sadness and regret that it took a trip to an alien world for me to be here. If I had been braver I would have told Deron that I was in love with him years ago. The warmth of his skin against mine is a comfort I never thought I would have. Turning slightly, I am now face to face with this wonderful man. He is a pure soul. He has a strength that never falters and he is kind. His eye lids flicker in a lazy half opening. “Ze mo shouarad.”

He smiles that perfect smile and says in English. “I love you too.”


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