When we died we thought we were free. To live in the Kingdom or some other peaceful life. We were wrong. There is no peace, there is no salvation.

When I woke David Chen was already cutting his face with a piece of broken glass. He said it made the nothingness seem less terrible. Anya and Harry had already forced the door of the compound. There were more like us but their fury, their rage. I have never seen anything like it. Captain Stevens and the shy Private were torn to shreds in front of me.

It has been six days since we left the base in Northumbria. I have not touched a living thing. I cannot bear their screams. The thought of their blood on my hands. I can’t remember my name. I know who we are are where we decided to go but my name, my family… It is like looking into a broken mirror. I’m starting to forget the names of the others. Even the most simple names for the things we keep finding by the edge of the black street. Motorway.

I’ve never had good seeing. i wore glasses I think. I worked with machine box, computers. We were trying to make something. A cure. Some illness had make people sick and we were making a get better… I have to stop and vomit. There is blood and bones. The Government gave us money to solve the thing. It got worse.

Yellow haired girl shot herself in the face this morning. She had been crying all night. It was loud. We were putting new medicine into them. Some got better but some stayed sick. The place with all the white tiles. One got out. He bit me on the arm.I felt sick but the others gave me medicine. I think it didn’t work.

We chased him. He fell. One bites. We all bite. The flesh is like warmth. I think I remember who I am but the fog go down. I eat flesh.

Loud noise. Many fall. I am on the floor. I have a hole in my chest. They must be soldiers, they all look alike. I try to hold onto the nearest one so I am not so cold. Not so alone. He has a gun i his hand. I am trying to say how scared I am but the words come out wrong. He puts his gun against my head and laughing, he pulls the trigger. Then there is nothing.


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