Harrow’ed Moon.

Those spheres turn and in their majesty proclaim miracles.

In those silver, shadow places between worlds there are more marvels than can only be counted by angels.

Ta’al, the realm of the dreaming, the banished Lord Jiondarion of the house of Bo’Eme sleeps fitfully. His dreams are filled with thoughts of a mortal man. An Umahinkind. Even upon waking his flesh still is warm to the touch and his mouth is full of kisses.

Earth, Jake, hits his alarm. He had that dream again. That dream, where the really hot guy is about to kiss you or something. He can remember the feeling but not the details. It felt more than like just a dream.

The worlds turn.

Ta’al, Jiondarion walks around the palksisia Gajdgen with his cousin and tries to explain these dreams. He talks in detail about how he sees this man, the feel of his hands. The warmth of him, his scent, ideas, speech. He feels alone.

Earth, Jake is sitting on the common with his friend. He tries to describe how these dreams make him feel. This man he keeps dreaming of how tender and insane it is. How he thinks he is either loosing his mind, or just needs a good night out.

We call it the harrow’ed Moon.

The worlds touch. Once in a thousand years.

They are underwater. They recognise each other and embrace, kicking towards air. As the breath burts from them they both laugh. Swimming to shore they realise they do not know each other and they are both naked.

‘I dreamed you’. Jiondarion says while they dry off in the warm night.

‘I think I dreamed of you’ Says Jake. Shy now.

‘I am Jiondarion Chael of the House of Bo’Eme.

‘I’m… Jake Mathews.

They sat and stared at the waves, neither one knowing what to do.

They turn to each other and smile, and kisses take the place of smiles and hands look for more hungry flesh.

Love burns beyond worlds and we should leave these lovers be.

Jiondarion and Jake lived a good full life together never knowing that they had left their worlds behind, for what did that matter compared to love?


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