I am the Maiden of Sorrows.

I am the thing in the shadows, the reflection in a mirror. I kill without mercy. I have a stilled heart, no emotions or feelings. What was taken from me, I will take from the world.

In 1901 my husband and my two children were butchered and the bastards that that killed them raped and tortured me for for three days. In the dark I saw something. I cannot name it but it filled me with a fire.I became unbreakable. The first one fell at my hand when I punched a hole through his ribs. The second tried to run but I tore him apart.

I know no peace or rest. I cannot sleep or stop. Wherever I find pain or cruelty, I return it with almighty vengeance.  I no longer know my own name. I cannot remember the taste of food or the comfort of my own kind. In 1978 in Berlin I met another like myself. She had been wronged and harmed and had sworn to avenge herself against all mankind. The last thing she remembered was being hung in 1803, she awoke and castrated the Judge who had lied at her trial. She had no more knowledge of the how and the why of herself than I.

Now I am in Chicago. His name is David. I smell the fury and the blood on him. I intend to kill him without pity. Afterwards I shall travel again to Europe. I rather miss Paris and I intend to visit myself upon so many men.


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