I graduated from the the Accademico St. Luke in 2349 as a First Cleric. I served a year in Rome before being transferred to New London. I spent my first year as a Harvester. The uprising was in it’s final stages and most of the Undead had been cleansed or reHarvested. I had been billeted with a very nice family in Estuary, It was one of the new suburbs created after the Uprising in 2341. It was a cold but bright morning in late January when I woke to a terrible wailing.. Kate, the wife of Jamel had found his body on the kitchen floor. I don’t think he had even fully stood upright before I put two rounds through his head, Kate turned to me but I already knew that she was of the lost. I shot her in the forehead and she fell to the ground. I called my control but the line was engaged. Moving the curtains an inch I looked out into the street.

There were Undead walking in daylight. They were falling over each other and those behind were walking over them, a woman fell and was torn apart by them. I ran back to my room and took the second gun from my suitcase and all the ammunition I could carry, Through their back garden I could get to a secluded alleyway and then further to the road behind. Dodging between tumbled down sheds and old garages I only encountered one of them, I thought a gun shot would bring more so I broke his neck with my hands.

It took me two weeks to escape England and now it has been declared a ‘none zone’. The Special Task Force of the UN has declared that the UK is a ‘not safe’ and should be ‘avoided at all cost’.

With Canada closed and  America and Australia sealing their borders, I have returned to Rome. I think that we are facing the end of days. Vatican City is now sealed and the church no longer gives orders. Yesterday I found my Padre Commander dead in his room with a gun in his hand. This bite on my arm will not heal and my vision is become blurry. I am so terribly cold and so very hungry. What was it all for? Why did we fight so hard? There are no more television broadcasts and the radio has been dead for months. There are so few of us now, laws are ignored and we have become more savage than the scourge we were fighting.

I pray to god that some of us survive and build a new and better world.


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