The end of all Worlds

i’m not really sure how it started. The work on the quantum engine probably began about 9 years ago. No one really know the hows and whys of it all. We wanted to travel, to other worlds and stars and see them, experience them. We are by nature curious. The first unmanned probe, the ‘Explorer’ travelled beyond our Universe. It returned with pictures of other worlds and galaxies. Eight people were aboard Traveller II when it launched, they never came home.

It started so slowly that we did not see the pattern at first. The subtle changes in the weather, the small wars that broke out. Then it was no longer the small and obscure but a real thing, in peoples homes and lives. It was ascribed to stress and too many hours at work at first then people began to see that minor acts of aggression soon became something far worse. Technology stopped working, computers died and there was no mobile reception. People began to panic and then they came.

We had made a hole in our world and ‘others’ had glanced through this hole and were envious.  Their void, their nothing space was empty and lifeless and ours was teeming with potential.

In three days we went from being nine billion to a few hundred thousand. We were decimated and destroyed before we even knew we were at war. Their machines work endlessly, filling our realm with a deadly toxin. There are few of us left and we dwindle daily. I have a little time left, so I send this message in the hope that it may convince another world to halt their progress, at least for a while.  Whatever Gods you have, whatever science you put your trust in, I hope that it protects you.


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