It couldn’t be true.

Less than two hours ago he was a shy, awkward kid from Chicago. Now he was in an abandoned warehouse with these… what? they weren’t quite men and not quite wolves. He knew they wouldn’t hurt him, he didn’t know how he knew but if they had meant him harm they would have done it by now. Less than two hours when the sexy red head came up to him in the club. Talked, flirted, laughed and bought him drinks. Then suggested a better party, just a short walk away, with his friends. Then they changed.

Kneeling on that filthy floor, they were so horney and so hungry but so gentle, they couldn’t be monsters? Not what he had always thought of as monsters. They were teeth and claws and fur, nothing like humans or the boys at college he had ever had the nerve to approach.

“Stay?!” It was the tallest one, the red head when he was a man now looked like a fox. Evan looked into it’s yellow eyes. “I don’t know what you mean.”

The wolf-fox-thing lifted him from the floor like he was a child not a 22 year old that could hold his own on a football field.

His sweet mouth covered Evans, his hand sliding down to caress him. “Stay with us. With me.” Evan felt swept away. This could not be real yet this ‘thing’ was holding him in one hand and the others were layered in furry rows, sucking and fucking without shame or remorse but for the purity of pleasure.

Evan looked into his eyes, those strange, not human eyes and breathed his last as a human man. “Yes.” And as Evan spoke the word the wolf thing entered him and his teeth broke the sweet flesh of his neck.

In the morning, Evan woke. Naked but not ashamed he saw many of the others had woken, some smiling, some nuzzling at each other and some just slightly dazed. The red head wolfling from the night before was lying next to him, his arm draped across Evans chest.

Evan didn’t know what to say other than the blood dream in his mind now meant that he was no longer quite human but was still himself.

“Morning.” The red head smiled that lopsided smile. “I am Jake.” And with those sweet words he slid down and took Evan into his mouth, so warm and wet that Evan thought he would come in seconds.

“This is love” he thought and barely noticed that his heart had stopped beating.


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