A sad indictment of our society…

Here at NewsFAB-REkayshun we just can’t wait to find the most harrowing events and the most broken people, turn them into soundbites and shove them up your screen.

Meet Maurice and his Homosexualist life partner Juan Triq Poni. A former naval Captain and NASA drop out and  Latino horse prostitute. Sue De Nim met them at their squalid loft in Queens, they share with two registered drug addicts, a Peruvian family of Avocado farmers and the ghost of Lucille Ball.

Sue: Maurice, thank you for allowing us into your home. If I may start with you first? You came from a wealthy and privileged background, a college graduate and on the fast track Astronaut program at NASA… What went so horribly wrong?

M: Thank you Maureen. I suppose I had never just stopped to look at my life. I was always the ‘A’ student, the Football Star, then one day I just realised. ‘This isn’t me.’ I had a sense of humour and liked to partake of the occasional pipe. I wasn’t into confrontation. Perhaps, maybe sometime in the dead of night I would sneak away and smoke some grass. You see I realised that I was a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker. I sure didn’t want to hurt no one. So I packed my spacesuit and got on the first Greyhound to New York. Now those dogs are fast but they couldn’t carry my weight, so I got a one way Air ticket to the Big Apple.

S: And that’s when you met Juan?

Juan and M together: Yes.

J: I don’t know how he would have survived without me. he was like a innocent, you know? I see him outside Central Station and I say to myself. ‘You have to look after this crazy spaceman because he is not gonna last 2 days in this city.’ So I bring him home, I clean up my act and we have been together for 5 years now. It is tough. Maurices’ family do not accept me because I am from a very poor family and I am a Horse and most of my family have been made into dog food or glue. But we have each other.

… Well there you have it. In this reporter’s’ opinion, this crazy young couple just might make it work, against all the odds. An ex-Spaceman and a Horse… A sort of Modern day Space Cowboy. Maurice. The space cowboy… Wait. Isn’t that a Steve Miller band song?



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