we are from the future

“Greetings. We are time travellers. I am Captain Brant Thigh-Muscle and this is Aloonininoo, my beautiful telepathic assistant, who has a tendency to trip over while running and despite being from an advanced Future Utopia, still makes me coffee and follows me around like a poodle. We were assigned by the Temporal Council of Elders and Office supplies to capture the Evil Scientist Dr. Sittlichkeitsverbrechen and return him to the 52nd Century to face trial for crimes against mankind and playing loud music after 10.45. As you can tell by our clothes and general air of easy, comfortable sexuality, we are a very enlightened people from a very advanced civilisation, with laser guns and two-way radios that look like Casio calculator watches. Primitive people of the year 2014, do not be alarmed. We are your friends. Now, last one into the hot tub is a eunuch-bot!”


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