False start.

It was a slow start to the morning. I was attacked by my duvet and, as any insomniac will tell you, when you get the chance to have a lie and you really can go to sleep… Do it! Did my four hours of volunteer work, came home opened fridge. Shut fridge. Definitely hungry, open fridge. Stare at food. Shut fridge… This went on for quite a while, so I burned some spring rolls and forgot to cook noodles. Ate a pear… And 6 M&M’s. Answered all my mail and caught up on social media type stuff. Stared out of window. Thought about going to Scotland, then about how my leg had gone to sleep. Drank Earl Grey. Ate a pear… Went insane for about 28 minutes looking up the theme to ‘Monkey!’ Sang the theme tune to ‘Monkey!’ very loudly. Ate an apple. Spoke to The Bear, must meet up with her and La Biche for tea and giggling. Had that niggling worry drag its nasty fingernails over my brain until I decided that ‘if you can’t do anything, don’t keep thinking about it’. Sang ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves’ very, very loudly. Then ‘Jolene’. Then ‘The Black Parade’. Had to make up some of the words to ‘Black Parade’ as I couldn’t remember them. Now it’s ten to one and I’m wide awake. I think it’s horror film o’clock…

Here’s Devine with a gun. Pink-Flamingos


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